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What is First Aid Care?

First Aid is the immediate care given to a person when a causality takes place until proper medical treatment is made available. A First Aider, is the First Responder towards the causality, making sure that the person affected and the ones around him are also safe.

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency lifesaving procedure required when a person suffers a cardiac arrest or his breathing has stopped.

Why is it important?

First Aid is the knowledge that can benefit everyone regardless of their profession. However, there are many professions that can benefit from the knowledge of First Aid in responding to situations that may have taken place in the workplace.

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Today we’ll cover 6 jobs in Canada for which having a good knowledge of First Aid Care & CPR can be very beneficial for their work life.

  1. Police Officers:

Police officer’s job is something for which learning first aid is very important as they are the first responders to any incident that might have taken place and it is necessary for the first responders to undergo First Aid Training. Some of the first responders are also required to learn specialized skills for CPR, however police officers may only require learning basic emergency first aid.


  1. Medical Staff:

Just as police officers, Medical Workers are also first responders to accidents or casualties. All workers in the medical field must have a First Aid Certification and advanced training in CPR. These Medical Workers need specialized training in First Aid and to maintain their certification too. Medical Workers like Dentists and dental assistants may not have a direct connection with First Aid and CPR, however they are still required to have a First Aid and CPR certification.


  1. Flight Attendants:

These professions require the most First  Aid and CPR training as they have to respond to emergencies while still in the air. They never know when proper medical treatment will be made available. It is essential for them to learn and maintain their First Aid and CPR Certification. AEDs are available in airplanes, flight attendants can be taught to use them.


  1. Prison Guard:

This profession of a prison guard is usually asked to learn and maintain their First Aid and CPR training. During the time of emergencies, medical workers may not be available on short notice, therefore the guards and the prison staff should have good first aid and CPR training to deal with emergencies or casualties that might take place till medical treatment is available.


  1. School Faculty:

First Aid Training and maintaining certification is very beneficial for  School Faculty. If any incident takes place with a teacher or a student, they can be taken care of within the school premises until proper medical help is made available. There are also clinic rooms in schools to assure the good health of students.


  1. Lifeguard:

For Lifeguards, on the beach or by the swimming pool it is essential to have First Aid and CPR training as they have to treat people who might have experienced, choking or other incidents that might have taken place for example attacks by sea creatures. Training in First Aid is not only beneficial for healthcare workers but also for professionals under the first responder’s category.



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