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Before starting a career in any profession it has always been beneficial to have extensive knowledge of what assets and liabilities the profession has to offer. These can be considered as responsibilities, annual income, working hours, level of education, career advancement & job opportunities.

Who is a Security Guard?

A security guard is a person employed to protect people and patrol,  guard & monitor a property to prevent theft & violation of rules. A security guard must also prevent and solve violent situations.

Here are some reasons which can lead you to decide if a career in the field of security as a security guard is the right choice for you.



The responsibilities of security guards may vary according to the location they are employed at. The usual responsibilities of a security guard include patrolling & monitoring properties, detecting & reporting a crime, using alarm systems & responding to alarms, preventing vandalism & theft and inspecting vehicles & searching employees.

Security guards in Canada have to carry out these tasks on a daily basis.



To become a security guard in Canada you don’t need to have completed a diploma or degree. You can start working as a security guard by acquiring a Provincial Security License which can be obtained by completing a government-accredited Basic Security Training Course. Every province has a different course outline & guidelines.

If you’re looking to start your career as a security guard in Calgary, The Saltus Professional College is offering a government-accredited Alberta Basic Security Training course.



The average salary in the field of security depends on the level of experience and the province you are working in but still however exceeds the basic average salary of Canadians.

  • The median hourly wage of a security guard in Canada is $17.90
  • The hourly wage for security guards in Canada ranges from $13.40 to $27.63
  • The average salary of a security guard in Canada is $32,215 per annum while Entry-level positions start at $28,1G5 per annum & Experienced workers earn up to $41,771 per annum



In Canada, there has been an increasing number in the demand for security guards & according to the statistics is only going to increase. The security guards are employed in various sectors such as:

Educational institutions including colleges, private schools & universities

Public Places & Event sites like amusement parks, museums, stadiums & concert halls.

Commercial businesses include shopping malls, hotels, offices, banks & factories.



If you’re looking for a career in which job shifting is easy with flexible work hours being a security guard is a perfect fit for you. Part-time & full-time jobs are available with the shifts of your choice day or night. The shift jobs are beneficial for students and for people who are working two jobs.



There are a variety of career growth options in the field of security depending on the experience, public relations and tactical knowledge of the individual. Career growth as a security guard can lead to the private security consultant, private detective, high-level security management roles in private security firms & many more.



If you are interested in becoming a security guard in Calgary, Saltus Professional College is a offering government-accredited & certified Alberta Basic Security Training Course.


Saltus Professional College is a government-approved Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) provider. The Saltus Security Training Course is designed with video elements, quizzes and interactive elements to help you pass the provincial exam and earn your Alberta Security Guard Certificate so you can start applying for security guard jobs in Calgary.



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