Home inspection is a job which requires technical skills and good communication skills.  If you’re person who loves problem-solving, the career of home inspector in Canada can be valuable for you with high returns.

Who are Home Inspectors?

Home inspectors are certified professionals who provide consulting services for residential & commercial properties to potential buyers. Home inspectors throughly evaluate a home by inspecting its roofing, structure, electrical, heating, air conditioning, exterior, insulation, and interior.

After evaluating the home conditions the home inspector will provide a detailed report of their discoveries. This report will help the client to make a well-informed decision to purchase the property.


The career in the field of home inspection comes with a variety of benefits like flexible job hours, competitive salaries, dominance over the work, socializing with clients and supporting individual work.

Here we will be discussing some facts and figures in the career of Home Inspection which will lead you to decide if the home inspection career is the right choice for you.

  • Increasing demand for Home Inspectors

As individuals, couples, families and business owners are migrating & settling in Calgary, the need and demand for home inspectors is increasing considerably. Due to the highly increasing population, a lot of development works are being carried out. The construction industry is booming and thousands of property transactions are being carried out every month in Canada.

The demand for home inspectors in Canada is accelerating and it makes it a great career for individuals looking for job security.

  • Flexible schedule

If you’re looking for alternate career options or deciding your own working hours becoming a home inspector might be the right choice for you. No morning attendance or late night calls. You can choose your designated time slots and schedule your inspections accordingly, balancing it out with other commitments of your day-to-day life.

  • Salary Packages

The career of home inspector offers comfortable earning. The income depends on the experience, location, working hours, services & the size of property being inspected.

According to GlassDoor, the average salary of a home inspector in Canada is $67,673 CAD per year.  Entry-level workers start at $51,223 CAD per year and most experienced workers earn up to $108,884 CAD per year.

  • Easy Start-ups

Home Inspection business is an easy startup because it lets you decide the scale of your business. The working hours you put in and the initial fund are all according to your desire.

You will be incharge for everything and you will have to manage things accordingly.  However, together with the advantages of working for yourself, don’t forget that the responsibilities will also be challenging in contrast to working under someone.

To get started, you will just have to pass the Provincial Canadian Home Inspector Exam and earn the Home Inspector License. Initially, you will have to buy low-cost tools for the inspections and as your business grows you can acquire advanced inspection tools.

  • Join an  established Home Inspection Company

If starting a business on your own seems very overwhelming to you, then you can bring it as an employee with an established home inspection company. Working with them will give you better exposure, and the training that will help you boost your career and secure stable clients. You can also utilize this time to learn new ways to deal with buyers also build a good reputation.

Without constant hustling of managing everything on your own, you can be focused on getting more knowledge and experience for when the times come when you will be working on your own.



If you have decided to start a career in the field of Home Inspection in Calgary, Canada. You will have to pass the Alberta Home Inspector Exam and earn the Home Inspector License. Saltus Professional College is offering Certified Home Inspector Course which will prepare you to pass the exam and acquire your license.


Saltus Professional College is a government-approved Alberta Home Inspection Course provider. The Saltus Home Inspection Course is designed with video elements, quizzes and interactive elements to help you pass the provincial exam and earn your Alberta Home Inspector License so you can start working as a home inspector in Calgary.

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