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Our Vision

Saltus is a professional college that focuses on the careers of “hands-on” nature.
Saltus makes career enhancements, benchmarks, and certifications achievable through faster and easier learning with a proven approach. The programs focus on careers needed the most in the market these days. The career of hands-on nature has opportunities to provide practical knowledge to either enter the job market or allow individuals to have their own business.  Saltus programs are designed to fit the current market needs as well as the current employment trends. The target is to give everyone the chance to steer their careers to where the need is. This means that no one is left behind, and everyone has the chance to enter the jobs market at their earliest convenience. We look forward to helping Alberta with competitive job skills and knowledge.

Following SOP

Covid -19 as well as the recent changes in the economy are clearly affecting the current markets needs and are forcing people to enhance their careers and be more competitive in the work place, and...even to have more than one career.


Residents of Calgary-Alberta realized that certification and licensing is the main gate to job market. You can be an engineer or medicine doctor or plumber or any other career BUT Without certification and licensing you cannot get a career and you cannot even join the jobs market, regardless of your education and experience.

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    Power Engineering 4th

    Power Engineering 5th

    Workplace Safety (Generic)

    Workplace Safety (Construction)

    Security Professioanl


    Property Appraisal

    First Aid & CPR

    WHMIS Training

    Project Management

    H2S Alive Traning

    Home Inspection

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