Food Safety Training

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It is NOT an option; it is the Law in Alberta: The Alberta Food Regulation (AR 31/2006) requires that at least one person in care and control of a food facility be certified. Alberta Health Services strongly recommends food safety training for everyone who handles food. 

The rule is that staff holding an approved certificate must be always onsite. This rule applies to all and every food and beverage facility.
Saltus Professional College offers Food Safety Training Program through in class delivery

The course has covers 8 topics:

Topic 1: Hazards in food handling
Topic 2: Canadian Food acts, Ethics, and Liabilities
Topic 3: Sanitation, Waste & Pest Control
Topic 4: Working with food safely
Topic 5: Sanitization and Pest Control
Topic 6: Safe Practice with Facilities and Equipment
Topic 7: starting your own business
Topic 8: It’s the businessowner responsibility to offer safety education fo their employees