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English Course level I 

Course Number: Saltus- ENG 101  

Course outline: 

Week one, 2 hrs
Sight words and rhyming words.
Letter Sounds

Handout: Letter Sounds
Assignment: Letter Sounds
Sight Words: The
Assignment: Sight Words: The
Sight Words: And
Assignment: Sight Words: And
Sight Words: I
Assignment: Sight Words: I
Sight Words: Like
Handout: What Do I Like? Sight Word Story
Assignment: Sight Words: Like
Assignment: What Do I Like
Rhyming Sounds: At
Handout: Rhyming Sounds ‘at’
Assignment: Rhyming Sounds -at-

Week Two, 2 hrs
Sight Words: Go
Assignment: Sight Words: Go
Sight Words: You
Assignment: Sight Words: You
Sight Words: My
Assignment: Sight Words: My
Sight Words: Can
Assignment: Sight Words: Can
Sight Words: To
Handout: Where Can You Go? Sight Word Story
Assignment: Sight Words: To
Assignment: Where Can You Go?
Starting Sentences
Handout: Starting Sentences
Assignment: Starting Sentences
Sight Words: Is
Assignment: Sight Words: Is
Sight Words: We
Assignment: Sight Words: We
Sight Words: They
Assignment: Sight Words: They
Sight Words: House
Assignment: Sight Words: House
Sight Words: School
Handout: Sight Words: School at my House
Assignment: Sight Words: School
Assignment: School at my House
Short Vowel Sounds
Handout: Short Vowels Story – Meg, Sam, and Tim
Assignment: Short Vowels

Week Three, 2hrs
Sight Word: At
Assignment: Sight Words: At
Sight Word: No
Assignment: Sight Words: No
Sight Word: Yes
Assignment: Sight Words: Yes
Sight Words: I am.
Handout: No! Bad Goat!
Assignment: Sight Words: I am
Assignment: No! Bad Goat!
Long Vowel Sounds
Handout: story with pictures
Assignment: read the story
Capital Letter Review
Sight Word: Cat
Assignment: Sight Words: Cat
Sight Word: Dog
Assignment: Sight Words: Dog
Sight Words: She
Assignment: Sight Words: She
Sight Words: He
Assignment: Sight Words: He
Sight Words: Do not
Handout: Sight Words: My Pets
Assignment: Sight Words: Don’t
Assignment: My Pets 

Week Four, 2 hrs
Nouns and proficient reading skills

Vocabulary: Introduction

Handout: Vocabulary Words 1
Assignment: Vocabulary Words 1
Grammar: Nouns
Quiz: Nouns
Grammar: Plural Nouns
Worksheet: Plural Nouns Practice
Grammar: Proper Nouns and Capital Letters
Handout: Common and Proper Nouns
Assignment: Proper and Common Nouns
Grammar: Names of Days and Months
Worksheet: Proper Nouns Practice
Reading Mini Lesson: What Do Good Readers Do
Writing: A Poem
Assignment: A Poem
Speaking and Listening: Read Aloud

Week five, 2 hrs
Pronounce and Questions
Vocabulary Words 2

Handout: Vocabulary Words 2
Assignment: Vocabulary Words 2
Grammar: Pronouns
Grammar: Personal Pronouns
Worksheet: Personal Pronouns
Grammar: Possessive Pronouns
Worksheet: Possessive Pronouns
Grammar: Indefinite Pronouns
Handout: Pronoun Sorting
Worksheet: Indefinite Pronouns
Assignment: Pronoun Sorting
Reading Mini Lesson: Ask and Answer Questions
Assignment: Reading Journal
Speaking and Listening: How to be a Good Listener and Speaker

Week six, 2 hrs
Vocabulary Words

Handout: Vocabulary Words 3
Assignment: Vocabulary Words 3
Grammar: Verbs
Handout: Verb Practice
Assignment: Verbs
Grammar: Verbs That Show Past Time
Grammar: Irregular Verbs That Show Past Time
Worksheet: Past Tense and Irregular Verbs Worksheet
Grammar: The Verb “Be”
Handout: The Verb Be
Assignment: The Verb Be
Grammar: The Verb “Have”
Reading Mini Lesson:
Writing: A Story

Week 7, 2 hrs
The questions word.
Vocabulary Words – Alphabetical Order

Handout: Vocabulary Words 5
Assignment: Vocabulary Words 5
Reading Mini Lesson with Pictures
Reading story
Handout: the story
Speaking and Listening: The Story
Week 8, 2 hrs
Vocabulary Words

Handout: Vocabulary Words
Assignment: Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Words You Do Not Know.
Grammar: Contractions
Handout: Contractions
Assignment: Contractions
Reading: mini story with photos
Assignment: read the story
Writing: author the story
Week 9 sentences, 2hrs and week 10, 2 hrs
building sentences
writing sentences
several activities to achieve the goals


  • Al-Kitaab fii Ta‘allum al-‘Arabiyya: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic: Part One, 3rd edition, by Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2011.
  • Answer Key for al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-’Arabiyya Part One, 3rd ed. by Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi. 3rd ed. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2011.


10% Active class participation
12% Homework 
10% Quizzes  
30% Tests (3, worth 10% each) 
30% Oral presentations (2 presentations, worth 15% each)