Oil and Gas Safety Course Overview

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OSSA/ Oil and Gas Safety OGS or Oil Sand Safety Training OSST once stood for the Oil Sands Safety Association the same course with a different name. Originally, OSSA managed standardized accredited training initiated and led by Albian Sands Energy Inc., Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Suncor Energy Inc., and Syncrude Canada Ltd. Today it is different.

Course Objectives 

The major goal of the OSSA confined space safety and training programme is to introduce participants to the risks involved with entering and working in restricted spaces. The other goal is to ensure that pupils have a basic awareness of controlling related hazards. In addition to watching out for one another, participants should be able to maintain track of other workers in restricted locations.

Furthermore, the OSSA confined space safety and training programme includes the responsibilities of an authorized Confined Space Monitor, as outlined in OSSA regulations. The training ensures that the Monitor can interact with others in the confined area, respond to crises, and understand their tasks and obligations.

Course coverage/topics 

The OSSA confined space safety and training program primarily covers the following topics:

  • Definition of confined spaces.
  • Regulations and responsibilities for confined space entry.
  • Classification of confined spaces and restricted areas.
  • Confined space hazards, especially atmospheric hazards.
  • Qualification and training of workers.
  • Hazard control.
  • Emergency response mechanisms