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Saltus introduce in person class and on-Site training facility locally in Calgary Alberta to achieve your h2s alive certificate.

Saltus h2s alive online certificate is valid for three years. Renewal after is needed so update their knowledge on this topic. The certificate is guaranteed upon completing the course and passing the tests. The passing grade is 70%.

h2s safety training course is valid for all industries. The last chapter is tailored to fit the industry that the participants are in. locally operated in Calgary Alberta h2s course near me.
The course covers: 

Chapter one: Introduction to H2S 

In depth description of H2S is discussed and explained. The sources of this gas, the nature, the health effects, the health concern, and the importance of this course are all explained clearly.

Chapter two: H2S work environment evaluation and control

All starts at the evaluation and measurements. The techniques used to measure H2S are explained. The devices that are normally used are described. A hand on training on the most common devices is given in depth.

 Chapter three: H2S exposure and safety

The possibilities of exposure -once determined- needs certain precautions. The exposure can be deadly in no time. Safety measures, safety equipment, and environment changes need to be identified.

Chapter four: Protection and Basic Rescue Procedures

Working with the prober Respiratory protective equipment is a must. Hands on the equipment needed is explained and practiced. Rescue Drag techniques as well as using the mask and breathing apparatus is essential in this chapter

Chapter five: self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) also referred to as a compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA), or simply breathing apparatus (BA)

This chapter will introduce the use of a device worn by rescue workers, to provide breathable air in an "Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health" atmosphere (IDLH). they are sometimes called industrial breathing sets. The term "self-contained" means that the breathing set is not dependent on a remote supply (e.g., through a long hose).

Chapter six: Case studies, Documentation, and Reporting