Transport Dangerous Goods Safety Course

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1. An Introduction To TDG  

The introductory chapter of this course outlines major learning objectives, the TDG Act and regulations, TDG background information, requirements, enforcement of the TDG Act, and penalties for violating the act.

2. Training Requirements  

Learn about what training is required as a worker as well as what topics must be covered. You will also learn about the specific information required on your training certificate, how to stay up-to-date, special allowances, and how to show proof of training when required.

3. Classifications  

This chapter goes over the different classifications of dangerous goods, how they are classified, how to classify dangerous goods, proofs of classification, divisions within the different classes, packing groups, and approaches used to classify substances.

4. Dangerous Goods Classes  

Learn about the nine classes of dangerous goods as well as their divisions and the hazards they present, including: explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizers, toxic & infectious substances, radioactive materials, corrosives, and miscellaneous products, substances, or organisms.

5. Documentation  

The chapter on documentation will teach you about the different types of shipping documents, the role of the consignor, formats, document retention, required information, consist for transport by rail, residue, special cases, quantity changes, procedures during transport, document location, procedures after unloading, hazardous waste, and the movement of documents.